Power And Greed And Corruptible Seed - The Piece That Got Tommy Banned From Donington Park... (Metal Hammer, October 1986)

Tommy certainly wasn't afraid to stick his chin out, and here he strikes at the heart of the taboo of taboos in Rock and Roll, greed. The backstage area gets more and more luxurious whereas the audience are supposed to stand in their mudhole without complaints. He also mentions security, and as you probably know, two years later two people in the audience were crushed to death.


Biff Speaks: Revisiting Encyclopedia Metallica - The Bible Of Heavy Metal (By Brian Harrigan & Malcolm Dome, 1981)

If you're wondering why I, and not some great literary person has been asked to write the forward of this book, it's because myself, and my colleagues in Saxon, we're part of the musical phenomenon that blasted out of this country two years ago - Heavy Metal, Heavy Rock, Hard Rock or just simply Rock. It's obvious to most people that it actually started more than two years ago, but for the sake of details, this was when it first hit the headlines. It's been called many things, some of which were 'Revival' and 'New Wave Of British Heavy Metal'. Quite a few people have tried to pin down and analyse it and have come up with theories as to why it has become so popular again. Even so, bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple etc., have always been popular, and it's bands like ourselves - SAXON, and many others (to whom I apologise for not being able to list here) whom the media call the new bands which have come through. In my opinion this happened because people were sick to death of punk, mod and reggae, - of being told what to like, and the press and radio dominating the country with this type of music. Really, it was YOU who were the phenomenon - the Rock Fan. YOU bought the albums, YOU bought the tickets and YOU demanded the music be played. We were all there ready and just waiting for YOU.


P.S. Keep the faith.


Skeletons In The Kloset - Revisiting The Golden Olden Days Of Kerrang!

Saxon, Kerrang No. 31, December 16-29, 1982:

Ozzy Osbourne, Kerrang No. 33, January 13-26, 1983:

Ronnie James Dio, Kerrang No. 44, June 17-30, 1983:

Marillion, Kerrang No. 46, July 14-27, 1983:


Strictly For Konnoisseurs, Kerrang No. 8, February 1982 - Alan Freeman Picks His Five Classics

- Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1977) - Works - Volume 1
- Barclay James Harvest (1976) - Octoberon
- The Alan Parsons Project (1976) - Tales Of Mystery And Imagination
- Pink Floyd (1975) - Wish You Were Here
- Vangelis (1975) - Heaven And Hell

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